MIPET official Web Site


International Master in Industrial Plant Engineering & Technologies

DIME & Polytechnic School, Genoa University

in Partenrship with Confindustria, Ordine degli Ingegneri, ANIMP

Sponsored by ABB, Danieli, Paul Wurth and in Collaboration with many Industries

Mastering Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies is an initiative promoted by a joint Team of Academic Institutions, Industries and Associations. MIPET includes an International Master focused on these Issues. The MIPET Excellence is based on the strong cooperation among Academic and Technical Experts coming from Prestigious Universities and Leading Companies  operating in this area with special attention to Energy, Iron & Steel, EPC, Large Industrial Plants and Process Industries, Oil & Gas

MIPET Contacts:

MIPET Team: mipet@simulationteam.com


MIPET President: Prof.Agostino G. Bruzzone, agostino@itim.unige.it